Friday, 24 August 2012


Name: Neo Ting Wei Terrence
Class: S203
Scenario: 3

Part A: My Video Presentation

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Link to script (Mediafire 1-time download link): Mediafire 1-Time Download Link

Link to video (Dropbox Direct Download):

Part B: My personal reflection on this activity

a. What are my Key Learning points?
This activity has helped me develop active voice articulation skills for use in presentations, allowing me to project my voice louder and place emphasis on words to make them sound clearer. This also builds my confidence in presentation, so I am now more confident when presenting to an audience. I can articulate my voice better during presenting, and I can adopt certain tones to my voice to help. The use of technology helps me to communicate better with my audience, to give them visuals so they can understand better, without need to read a textbook, so they can learn, by watching, and listening the video alone.

b. What have I understood about Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem as an applied learner?
An applied learner is someone who applies the skills he has learned from school and home, to the rest of his life and work. The ability to transfer knowledge to the real world from a textbook is what an applied learner is supposed to do. He is meant to look around, use concepts, apply them in the correct situations. I have understood that Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem can be applied to most real-life situations such as measuring height using only a protractor.

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