Friday, 24 August 2012


Name:     Sarah
Class:      S 2-03
Scenario:  3

Part A: My Video Presentation
click on this link for slides and this link for the script.
Download video from this link for better view. (Youtube video has a small problem - black screen at around 0:21.)

Part B: My Personal Reflection on this activity
This performance task has given me a chance to use Trigonometry in such a question and helps me understand the topic fully.
Using Keynote, I am able to present my answer and method clearly and with the calculator I use now, I can easily type down the equation or multiplication that makes use of tan, sin and cos.
I am able to know how much I understand the topic from doing this performance task. I was also able to use past knowledge from different topics (i.e. multiplying a number to both sides of an equation) in my question.
I understand that being an 'applied learner' means to be able to use knowledge and understanding of a topic or method on a possible real-life problem that can help me or someone derive an answer easily. For example, instead of having to climb the tree and measure the tree from top to bottom, I could roughly measure the angle of elevation and figure out the height, all on the ground. (This is if my scenario were a real-life problem)
After doing this video, I learnt that making this video takes a lot of patience and planning such that the audio and slides are recorded nicely, the script explains everything crystal clear and everything is in line. The whole process took more than 2 hours of work.

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