Friday, 31 August 2012

Submission of Work (31 Aug 2012)

The students mentioned below, kindly submit your homework asap.

Fathiah: Matrices and Simultaneous Equations
Jee Hoon: Matrices and Simultaneous Equations
Joshua: Simultaneous Equations
Danish: Matrices and Simultaneous Equations
Kai Chek: Matrices and Simultaneous Equations
Terrence: Matrices and Simultaneous Equations

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Submission of Homework Assignments

Please submit the following assignments tomorrow, Wednesday 29 August 2012.

1. Matrices Assignment 1
2. Matrices Assignment 2
3. Matrices Assignment 3
4. Simultaneous Equations Assignment (Tier A and B)

Thank you.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Viva Voce - Balram Sharma

Part I: My Viva Voce Video


Name: Balram Sharma
Class: S2-03
Scenario #2
Elapsed Time: 4:08 minutes

Part II: My Reflections

a) What are my key learning points?

My problem-solving skills have surely been built upon through this performance task. I have become more proficient in video editing and presentation skills, as well, and after having completed this performance task, I feel more comfortable using technology to present the solutions to mathematics questions, and even the answers to questions in other subjects. 

b) What have I understood about trigonometry and Pythagoras' theorem as an applied learner?

In my opinion, an applied learner is one who learns effectively from real-world experiences, and can successfully apply the concepts learned through these experiences to his or her academics, and vice-versa. From this performance task, I have learned more about trigonometry and Pythagoras' theorem, and I have also learned how to apply these concepts, as well as some of the other concepts I have learnt at SST (including many ICT, ADMT and Oral Communications skills), in the real world.

Part III: The Script

The question is, "A spider sits at the middle point, P, of my living room wall. It sees a fly at corner C. Find the shortest distance the spider must travel to reach point C". Okay, that sounds simple enough. Let's start by drawing a diagram. I've labelled the points A, E, D, H, C and G and I've also added P, as well as Y and X. Now, Y is in the middle of the line DH, and X is in the middle of the line AD. So, first of all, let me draw the most obvious route, which takes us through PY, YD and DC. That's PYDC. Next, we're going to try something a little shorter, PDC. That's PD, and DC, simple as that. Let's not forget point X. How about using that? So, we could go, PX, and XC? How about that? But then, there must be something shorter than that. So, let's create a point, and call it M. And let's put it smack in the middle of line DX. So we could go, PM, and MC. That seems quite a bit shorter. But all these routes mean nothing if we don't do the math. Let's start with PYDC. That's PY, which is one meter, and YD, which is two meters, and then DC, which is 5 meters. That means PYDC is an eight meter long route. Then, we'll start on PDC. That's PD, which is the square root of five meters, and DC, which is five meters, according to the diagram. So that leads us to PDC, which is 7. 236067977 meters, or 7.24 meters when rounded off to three significant figures. Of course, we can't forget PXC, which is PX, two meters, plus XC, which is the square root of twenty six meters. So, that means PXC is a 7.099019 meter long route, or 7.10 meters to three significant figures. Finally, let's go on to PMC, which is a little more complicated. That's PM, which is 2.061552813 meters, and MC, which is 5.024937811 meters. That means PMC is 7.086490265 meters long, or 7.10 meters long when rounded off to three significant figures. Therefore, the shortest route is PMC. Of course, that's in exact figures. Rounded off to three significant figures, it's a tie between PXC and PMC. Now we're going to look at the assumptions we've made. First of all, the sum of two sides of a triangle must be greater than the length of the third side. Secondly, the spider must only be able to move in straight lines which connect two points, and not in curves or irregular lines. Also, the spider must not be able to retreat along any route. Finally, we're going to assume that the spider can't be able to swing from surface to surface. In conclusion, Route 4, that is, PMC, is the shortest route, and of course, we have working to back that claim up. Thank you for watching this video.

Friday, 24 August 2012


Name: Neo Ting Wei Terrence
Class: S203
Scenario: 3

Part A: My Video Presentation

Blogger could not upload the video. Please use the links below.

Link to script (Mediafire 1-time download link): Mediafire 1-Time Download Link

Link to video (Dropbox Direct Download):

Part B: My personal reflection on this activity

a. What are my Key Learning points?
This activity has helped me develop active voice articulation skills for use in presentations, allowing me to project my voice louder and place emphasis on words to make them sound clearer. This also builds my confidence in presentation, so I am now more confident when presenting to an audience. I can articulate my voice better during presenting, and I can adopt certain tones to my voice to help. The use of technology helps me to communicate better with my audience, to give them visuals so they can understand better, without need to read a textbook, so they can learn, by watching, and listening the video alone.

b. What have I understood about Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem as an applied learner?
An applied learner is someone who applies the skills he has learned from school and home, to the rest of his life and work. The ability to transfer knowledge to the real world from a textbook is what an applied learner is supposed to do. He is meant to look around, use concepts, apply them in the correct situations. I have understood that Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem can be applied to most real-life situations such as measuring height using only a protractor.

Viva Voce - Ethan Lee

Here are the links to download my work. (:

Thank you (:

Viva Voce - Yong Lin

Here's My viva voce Mrs Sin.

VIVASharifa and VIVAJemaimah

Here are my and Jemaimah's videos.

My reflection and workings has been emailed to you.
Posting here because of the requirement.

Sharifa's Viva Voce

Jemaimah's Viva Voce


Name:     Sarah
Class:      S 2-03
Scenario:  3

Part A: My Video Presentation
click on this link for slides and this link for the script.
Download video from this link for better view. (Youtube video has a small problem - black screen at around 0:21.)

Part B: My Personal Reflection on this activity
This performance task has given me a chance to use Trigonometry in such a question and helps me understand the topic fully.
Using Keynote, I am able to present my answer and method clearly and with the calculator I use now, I can easily type down the equation or multiplication that makes use of tan, sin and cos.
I am able to know how much I understand the topic from doing this performance task. I was also able to use past knowledge from different topics (i.e. multiplying a number to both sides of an equation) in my question.
I understand that being an 'applied learner' means to be able to use knowledge and understanding of a topic or method on a possible real-life problem that can help me or someone derive an answer easily. For example, instead of having to climb the tree and measure the tree from top to bottom, I could roughly measure the angle of elevation and figure out the height, all on the ground. (This is if my scenario were a real-life problem)
After doing this video, I learnt that making this video takes a lot of patience and planning such that the audio and slides are recorded nicely, the script explains everything crystal clear and everything is in line. The whole process took more than 2 hours of work.

Viva Voce _ Joshua Leong

Here are the links to download the files. :)
Maths Reflections:

Maths Script:

The finalized video:

Remedial Session over September break

There will be one session of remedial over the September break.

Date: 4 Sept 2012
Time: 8 - 10 am
Venue: Learning Oasis 2
Materials required: Exam Preparation Part 1 & 2, LD

The content covered in the session will not be repeated in class hence you are strongly encouraged to turn up unless you are overseas.

A letter will be issued to your parents soon.

Thank you.

Mrs Sin

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Dear all

After scrutinizing the information provided to you on Google Site, please adhere to the submission guidelines as closely as possible. (i.e. post a link on blog/ embed the video on blog) INCLUDING the REFLECTION and script.

However, I will permit you to pass me your video file on a thumb drive only for tomorrow but please come by the staff room during recess so we do not take up curriculum time.

I will only be available in Mr Johari's room in the afternoon after 2.45pm as I have to invigilate some students who missed their level test. I will wait for you until 3pm.

Thank you.

Mrs Sin

Friday, 17 August 2012

Housekeeping matters (17 August 2012)

There are a few items for you to take note of this long weekend.

1. Answers for Matrices Assignments 1 - 3 : on google site (S203)
2. Additional Practice for Standard Form : Ace-learning worksheet (answers on google site (S203))
3. Similar Solids solutions : google site (S203)
4. Indices Revision Quiz : ace-learning
5. Matrices Quiz 3 : ace-learning (contains applications, please read ahead)

For those who have problem accessing the google site, you can get friends to email the file to you. I am unable to post the worksheets on the blog as it is public.

Thank you.

Mrs Sin

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Topics for Level Test

Here are the topics for level test.

Indices, Standard Form, Congruency and Similarity, Trigonometry, Pythagoras' Theorem, Matrices (up to multiplication)

Duration is 60 min.

Calculators are allowed. (approved models only)

Thank you.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Here are two slideshows on matrices.

Matrices 1 by David Godfrey

Matrices and Applications of Matrices by mailrenuka

Applications of Matrices

Prior to the activity, study the slides on matrices.

In groups of 4 or 5, research on the application of matrices in the real world and put up at least one relevant, good quality resource regarding how matrices are used.

Post (under comments) the link/ file for the resource and do a short summary (5 lines) on the application on the class blog. Be sure to acknowledge the source.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Covert Footwork Competition

If you are interested in joining this competition, please fill in the following form by 7th August 2012.