Thursday, 12 July 2012

Similar Triangles Lesson 2

Task 1:

Download the template:
Open it using GeoGebra, construct a triangle with the following measurements:
Member 1: AB = 5 units, BC = 12 units and AC = 13 units.
Member 2: AB = 10 units, BC = 24 units and AC = 26 units.
Member 3: AB = 2.5 units, BC = 6 units and AC = 6.5 units.
Ensure all lengths are shown in your diagram.

Go to the link below and post a screen shot of your triangle. Post your stickies together as a group (i.e. 3 stickies next to each other)

Task 2:

Discuss the following question with your group:
"Are all the triangles in your group similar to each other? Why?"

Post your group's opinions as a sticky next to your group's triangles.

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