Thursday, 28 June 2012

Scheme of Work (Sem 2)

For your reference, students and parents, here are the topics that will be covered in the 2nd semester:

Term 3
Week 1: Standard Form
Week 2 - 3: Congruency and Similarity
Week 4: Area and Volume of Similar Figures
Week 5: Basic Trigonometry
Week 6: Basic Probability
Week 7: Direct and Inverse Proportion
Week 8 - 9: Simultaneous Equations (Including A Math)
Week 10: Matrices

Term 4
Week 1 - 2: Set Notation
Week 3: Revision

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Recommended books list

Hi students (and parents),

as mentioned before the school holidays, here is the list of recommended books and their main purpose:

Note: Sec 3 books are included as SST teach certain topics earlier

Fundamental Practice (Good for building up basics and building speed)
Secondary Two Mathematics Tutor Book 2A (Publisher: Casco)
Secondary Two Mathematics Tutor Book 2B (Publisher: Casco)
Secondary Three Mathematics Tutor Book 3A (Publisher: Casco)
Secondary Three Mathematics Tutor Book 3B (Publisher: Casco)

Exam Practice (Good for everyone to prepare for exams)
O levels 10-Year Series 2002-2011 Topical (any publisher)

Further Practice
Elementary Mathematics: Pass with Distinction (By Topic) (Publisher: Shinglee, 2011 edition)
Mathematics Workbook 2 (Publisher: Shinglee)
Mathematics Workbook 3 (Publisher: Shinglee)

Please do not buy every book unless necessary (will cost >$100). These are only books that I have used and are recommended for students but they are not compulsory buys. Please consult me if you are unsure. 

Enjoy your June break,
Mr Yeo :)